Committed to developing and implementing conservation, restoration, and agricultural practices that will continue to improve the quality of life in the upper Clark Fork River, the Watershed Restoration Coalition (WRC) and our fellow sponsors are planning a day of fun for all.

This is our initial year to for this annual event. We have three objectives. 1) To highlight the ongoing restoration work on the Clark Fork River and its tributaries. 2) Provide recreational opportunities for all those participating. 3) To help raise funds for WRC to continue its work throughout the upper Clark Fork River.

Come out and join us! Have fun, eat and drink, listen to some phenomenal music, and learn about the restoration of the Clark Fork River.

Check out our day full of events!

See you there!!

For Information:

Phone: (406) 846-1703 X-4
Cell: (406) 579-3762
e-mail:  ted.dodge516@gmail.com
Do you want to know more about ongoing efforts being conducted on the Upper Clark Fork?  Visit our site at http://www.mt-wrc.org.
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